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Introducing the ILA Pro & ILA Traveler the Next Generation in Translation Devices

The ILA Pro and ILA Traveler by Translate Live allow people to have a natural conversation that is translated in real time in over 120 languages and dialects.

Just speak or type, and the conversation is instantly translated and shown to both people in real-time. It’s encrypted, private, and also accessible for those with disabilities.

ILA Pro:
1-to-1 Interaction

ILA Pro adds real-time communication capabilities to your business for 120 languages & accents. No more waiting for translations awkwardly!

Translate Live uses state of the art artificial intelligence and the ILA Pro system to make customer service in multiple languages faster and easier than ever before. Customers can speak naturally, or type in their own language and see what is said on both ends – preventing confusion and increasing sales potential.

Works in 3 Easy Steps

Getting started with ILA is easy as 1-2-3. The ILA Traveler and Pro are Android devices that come pre-loaded with the ILA translation app. Start by selecting your language from the list, and then the person you want to speak with picks their language.

Now that you’ve picked your languages, just enter a new “chat room” in the app to begin communicating. The conversation is displayed on the screen in real-time, so you can see a full transcript of the conversation as you go. It’s really helpful so both people can follow along naturally!

Hold the large “Press to Speak” button on the screen and begin speaking. As you speak, the text is translated in real-time on the screen for the other person to read. When you’re done, the other person simply does the same process. You also have the option to disable the “push to talk” option, so you don’t have to hold the “Press to Speak” button.

ILA Traveler:
Translate in Real-Time

The ILA Traveler is unlike any other translation device. No more awkwardly handing your valuable phone to strangers – just hand them the ILA Traveler, which comes pre-loaded with the ILA Translation app.

Both users can see the full conversation recorded on the screen, preventing confusion and discomfort that can sometimes happen when communicating with someone who doesn’t speak your language.


The Translate Live platform and the ILA devices both work for people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, blind or low-vision. You can use the same language as the person you’re communicating with, or use different languages, and the text will be displayed on the screen in real-time. This allows for instant, clear communication – only needing the ILA Traveler, Pro, or a link shared via text/email from the Translate Live App.

Use Cases


Make international shopping easy! Find your size, color, and pricing with ease.


Whether it’s for fun or an emergency – ILA lets you talk to anybody, anywhere with confidence.


With ILA Pro, hotels can provide service in 120 languages & dialects quickly and without awkward pauses.


Seamless multi-language interviewing. Get to know your next team member in their native language and see a transcript of the conversation as you go.